Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Schwarzenegger confirmed

Hi there! Thanks for checking in at EWA's first blog. We hope to keep you updated on what's going on at our 60th annual meeting.
By now the entire EWA staff, many board members and even a few eager participants have arrived here at the hotel. But things will really kick off tomorrow at noon when some participants will head to USC's Annenberg School of Communication for sessions on using new media like blogs, audio and video and databases.
Members were supposed to sign up for this in advance and should have received some info on where to meet, etc., for a ride. In case you forgot, the meeting place is the 333 restaurant in Downtown Marriott hotel lobby at 11:30 a.m.
So yes, it's early, but we've already got one bit of news to share: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is confirmed for Friday. He's tentatively scheduled to show up about 9 a.m. (in which case the sessions that are supposed to begin then would begin immediately after he speaks).
I'll let you know when and if I hear anything different.
Notice we've spared you the cheesy headline with references to 'The Terminator" or any other Schwarzenegger movies here, but I can't promise the same in the blog that I write following his appearance...

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